02. Theme Options - General

General Settings

In the General Tab you can configure the base of your website. Let's see in detail.

Custom Admin Logo

You can upload your logo for wordpress login window.


You can upload Png/Gif image that will represent your website's favicon.

Custom iOS Bookmark Title & Custom iOS icons

You can enter a custom title for your site for when it is added as an iOS bookmark and if you want upload the icons based on the devices.


In this section you can select if you want the preloader for your pages and posts. Also you can upload your gif preloader animation instead the default CSS preloader.
Another interesting option is the "Global Preloader Settings" with this option you can set for all pages/posts if the preloader is active or not, with the possibility for each page/post to change the value based on your needs.

Note when you change the preloader value in the page/post directly the global value is overwritten.

Common Options

Here you will find a series of features to be activated or not based on your needs.

  • Scroll Animation Effects on Mobile/Tablets devices - You can enable/disable the animation scroll for your elements if the animation is present for mobile/tablets devices.
  • Back to Top
  • Disable Right Click

Tracking Code

Inside this section you should paste your Google Analytics Property ID ( UA-XXXX-Y ) only. This field load the default Google Analytics code, if you need load a different code or change the default js code for analytics you need include the script manually.

Custom CSS & JS

If you need any CSS or JS rules that you may want to add to the website insert here.
If you want to do extensive modification or more CSS lines ( more 200 lines of code ), I suggest to use a child theme, because it's better.


Here you can load the minified files. This file is "style.css" and "main.js" the other files are already minified by default.

Note this options don't minify your modded css or js files but load the default css/js minified file.