02. Theme Options - Header


Here you can change the header section, the menu, logo and more.

Menu & Logo

  • Menu Type - With this option you can choose the creative menu or a simple classic menu version. In case you select the classic version the social icons appear in footer area. The mobile menu is the same of the creative menu version.
  • Global Logo/Navigation Type - With this option you can set for all pages/posts if the menu and elements connected is light or dark, with the possibility for each page/post to change the value based on your needs.
  • Logo Top Value - You can modify the logo position.
  • Logo Max-Height Value - Set the max height for your logo image and this will resize it if your logo image is bigger. The max-height of the header is 100px.
  • Image for Logo - If enabled this option you need upload two light type logo image version ( normal and retina ) and another two for the dark type.

Top Side

  • Search/Share/Language Menu - The setting refers to enable search, share and language switcher functionality on header area.
  • Scroll Effects - Activate the scroll feature for search/share menu. You can choose between "Always Visible" or "Only Scroll Up" a simple effect is always visible in the header or only when you scroll up the page.
  • Search - You can enable or disable the search option.
  • Share - You can enable or disable the share option. You can choose up to 5 social share ( Twiiter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin and Pinterest ).
  • Language Switcher - You can enable or disable the language switcher feature. Required WPML Plugin Installed.

Left Side

  • Left Side Panel - The setting refers to enable or disable the slogan box in the menu area for creative menu only.
  • Left Side Mode - Choose if the slogan area have the solid background or a custom image background. You can also select a mask overlay, the position and the repeat of your background image.
  • Slogan Logo - Optional you can upload an slogan logo image.
  • Slogan Text - Optional you can insert a your custom slogan text.

Right Side

  • Social Profiles - Activate this to enable social profiles on your header. For set your social link go to "Social" tab of the theme options panel. In case you have select a classic menu the social icons appear in footer area.