04. Page Builder & Shortcodes - Button


A simple button with options for complete styling in terms of colors and options available.

  • Button Text - Simple text for your button.
  • Button Alignment - Select the button alignment ( No Align, Left, Center, Right ).
  • Button Link - Insert a link or an anchor ID.
  • Button Colors - You can select if you want the default palette colors or use your custom colors.
  • Inverted - Enabled the inverted colors.
  • Icon - You can add an icon. ( You have 6 different icon font family: Alice Fonts, Alice Social Fonts, Linecons, Steady Icons, Vicons and Font-Awesome )

About Smooth Scroll Link

If you want a smooth scroll for your anchor link button just you insert this class ( az-smooth-scroll ) in extra class button field. Like this example: See here