04. Page Builder & Shortcodes - Google Map

Google Maps

This is a simple google map shortcodes, you have some options:

  • Map Height Module - You can select if your map is normal ( based on the section width ) or full screen, if you selected Full Screen remember to select the Full Screen Section and enabled the No Content Center option.
  • Map Height - Enter the height for your map in pixel. Only number value.
  • Map Latitude - Enter the latitude for the maps center point.
  • Map Longitude - Enter the longitude for the maps center point.
  • Map Zoom - Value should be between 1-18, 1 being the entire earth and 18 being right at street level.
  • Marker Icon - Upload a custom marker image ( optional ).

About Google Maps Design

This design provided a custom styles/design for google map. If you want change the colors or other styles you need change the value or the script in "az_alice/_include/js/main.js"