04. Page Builder & Shortcodes - Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

This shortcode allows the display in your page the latest posts from your blog. Now see all options available for this shortcode:

  • Latest Posts Layout Mode - Choose the latest post layout, you can choose between Grid and Wide.
    Remember to select the Full-Width Section and enabled the No Margin and Padding option.
  • Columns - Simple select your columns for latest post grid layout. Available from 1 up to 4 columns.
  • Latest Posts Number - Select how many post to show in the current page. Insert a number.
  • Latest Posts Category - If you want to show only certain post categories, not the entire blog posts, please write the categories in this field, separated by commas. Please use the category slug, not the title.
  • Order by - Select how to sort retrieved posts. More at WordPress codex page.
  • Order way - Designates the ascending or descending order.