05. Custom Post Types - Clients

Client Custom Post Type

To have access to Client Custom Post Type you need install and activate the AZ Custom Post Type plugin.

One thing that might have caught your attention since activating the plugin is the "Client" tab that appeared. This is where you will manage, edit and create all of the clients related items that you wish to place in your pages.

Adding Client items is the same as creating blog posts or create a page.

This is the process of adding clients:

  • Go to Clients -> Add New
  • Enter a title.
  • Create or Select the client categories or leave blank ( optional ).
  • Upload a featured image, any size for this custom post type.
  • Setup the Clients Metabox for the current client post ( optional ).
  • Click "Publish" and you're all done.

Client Metabox

This is the options available for each client post:

  • Background Color - Choose a background color for your client logo ( optional ).
  • Client URL - You can add a link for your client logo ( optional ).
  • Target URL - Specifies where to open the linked document ( optional ).

How to have access to client items?

For display the clients in your pages or posts you need use the Client Grid Shortcode via page builder.

You can have more options to sort, display the client items. Also if you want to show only certain clients categories, not the entire clients posts, you need write in the Client Post Categories ( inside the shortcode ) the categories, separated by commas. Please use the client-category slug, not the title.

You can order the post via shortcode with this default wordpress parameters or use the Simple Custom Post Order plugin with drag and drop feature.